17th-century saints’ leaf by Cornelis van Merle with 49 saints


17th-century saints’ leaf by Cornelis van Merle with 49 saints on it, including Jesus, H. Maria, st. Anna, st. Laurentius, st. Nicholas, st. Lucia. The engraving is colored by hand. The dimensions of sheet is 32 x 23.5 cm. The engravings are in good condition. The sheet comes in a passe partout.

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Cornelis van Merle was a Flemish print artist and publisher. He was born in Atwerpen on the 1th of August 1654 and died there on the 10th of April 1723. He was a son of Theodoor II van Merlen and Maria Wiggers; grandson of Abraham van Merlen. He traveled to Italy around 1680. On October 19, 1681, he became a member of the Jesuit sodality of the Elder Jongmans. He married Sara Maria Huybrechts on July 26, 1687, daughter of Gaspar Huberti and Sara Voet (daughter of Alexander Voet). After Van Merlen’s death, his widow Sara Maria Huybrechts continued the business, assisted by Constantia (‘spiritual daughter’ or pat, died March 1766) and Theresia [Josepha] van Merlen (‘spiritual daughter’, died January 16, 1779). They took over the company after the death of their mother. After their death, the company was taken over by Theodoor Joseph van Merlen (1738-1800), grandson of the notary Theodoor van Merlen.