Bilderbogen N. 130


German Bilderbogen (cents print) With 4 images on it, Die guten Freunden (the good friends), Der Zehte (the tenth part – tax), Die unzertrennlichen (the inseparable ones) Das erste Almosen (the first alms). 3 images are colored, 1 image is partially colored. The dimensions are 42 x 35 cm, some small reinforcements at the back, overall looks good.

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Bilderbogen is the German name for what we call penny prints in the Netherlands. They are surface prints made in the 18th and 19th centuries, which were usually colored by hand. They were used a lot as a popular image and later reading material. The sheets, printed on cheap paper, should learn as well as entertain. Predecessors were the Einblattholzschnitte of the 15th and 16th centuries and illustrated leaflets. More than 300 printers produced print plates throughout Europe; Striking were the companies in Épinal (France) and Germany (Neuruppin, Augsburg, Nuremberg, Munich and others), but also in Moscow. In their heyday, they were usually thrown away after viewing and reading, others were clipped to use individual motifs depicted on them. Still others decorated the salon in the absence of the opportunity to acquire art, or they were also used to teach. Although the magazines often reached a high circulation, only a few are available today. But you can find them in museums.