City map of the city of  Leiden


City map of the city of  Leiden as it was in 1660, with bottom left legend. Copper engraving, hand coloured. Published in Amsterdam by Isaak Tirion in 1742. The image is 13 x 8 cm (excluding text). The print is glued on an acid-free surface and is in a passe-partout. The total dimensions are 34 x 28 cm


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Isaac Tirion settled in Amsterdam around 1725, first on the Nieuwendijk (near Dam Square) and from 1742 on Kalverstraat no. 10 He published a large number of books, series and magazines. Among these were also many topographical works, such as:

‘Contemporary History’ or ‘Present State of All Nations’ in 45 parts.

“Present State of the United Netherlands” in 12 parts.

Tirion also published eight atlases, of which several editions appeared until around 1784. The contents thereof could vary from 34 to 112 cards. One of those atlases was the ‘Atlas of Zeeland’, published in 1760, with maps, Zeeland city and village views and prints of well-known Zeelanders at the time. For this atlas a large number of manuscript maps of the Hattingas were used as an example for the recorded engravings of the various Zeeland islands. From time to time, collections of maps that could be bound as atlas were also issued, advising his clients to leave extra room in the back for possible additions. The atlas maps were printed on thick paper, the maps in his books had to make do with thinner material. Tirion employed a number of engravers to make the cards. Tirion also worked on commission. The States of Holland and West-Friesland asked between 1754 and 1765 for a large number of water management maps. In this assignment he was extensively involved with the editing of the, sometimes secret, map material. After his death, he was buried in Amsterdam on October 12, 1765, his widow, Johanna Koster, continued the business for several years.



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