Englische Kesselhaube with moving light Visirum – Deutsche Kesselhaube, by Th. Russer


Chromolithography by Th. Russer and the work was published by H.K Hof -Chromo-Lytograf Ant Hartinger & amp; Sohn, between 1851 and 1890. . The lithograph shows examples of 2 medieval helmets, an Englische Kesselhaube with moving light Visirum and a Deutsche Kesselhaube. The litho is printed on sturdy paper, the sheet is 33.5 x 24.5 cm in size. The images are of good quality. The print is delivered in a large passe partout.


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Anton Hartinger , was born on June 13, 1806 in Vienna, where you also died on January 23, 1890. He was the son of canvas printer Franz Hartinger. Anton became known as a flower painter and lithographer. He studied at the Viennese Academy in 1820 with Sebastian Wegmayr (who trained him as a specialized flower painter), was an editor at the Flower and Fruit School of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1836 and from 1843-1851 he was a member of the Academy. He illustrated various botanical works and in 1851 founded his own lithographic institute H.K. Hof -Chromo-Lytograf Ant Hartinger & amp; Sohn. The institute published botanical and mycological works, in his pursuit of technical perfection, he often limited himself per illustration (even in oil paintings) to a few flowers or fruits.

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