Engraving, Caput Medusae en Ceres, by Felipo Merghen


2 engravings by Filipo Morghen on a page of handmade paper. Engraving 1, Caput Medusae, (head of Medusa) is 9.5 x 9 cm. Engraving 2, Ceres (goddess of lance construction) is 9 x 7.5 cm. The magazine is in a spacious passe partout. The engravings are in excellent condition.

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Philipo Morghen was an accomplished eighteenth-century engraver of portraits, architectural views, antiquities, plans and maps. He studied art in Rome for a period of seven years before settling in Naples, where he not only made etchings and engravings, but also established himself as a printer and as a publisher.

He was an important engraver for the recent archaeological finds described in the antiquities of Herculaneum, published in Naples in 1757, and the only engraver and publisher of views of the ruins in the Naples area, published in 1766. These engraving shows the vonsten of Herculaneum.

Filippo Morghen’s beautiful engravings earned him the title “Engraver for the King of the Two Sicily.” He was also the father and teacher of Rafaello Morghen (1758-1833), one of the most influential engravers of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. </p