Engraving, Hongroyeur, Suitte de la planche précédente and travail de grenier, anonymous


18th century engraving with leather working instructions, on handmade paper, The dimensions of the picture are 31 x 21 cm, the whole is in a large passe partout. The engraving is in good condition.

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The title of this print, Hongroyeur, travail de riviere & amp; c. , refers to what we would call building trade techniques today. in this print the specific subject is learning.

The print is taken from the book: Planches pour l’Encyclopaedia ou pour le dictionnaire raisonné des sciences des arts libéraux, et des arts méchaniques avec leur explication. Freely translated: Plates for the encyclopedia or for the explanatory dictionary of the sciences of the liberal arts and mechanical art by Vincenzo Giutini / Denis Diderot, which appeared in 1765 and 1776

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