Engraving, Illustri Ac Generoso … Christophoro Theophilo Volckamero à Kirchensittenbach … has Artis suae primitis, Menses XII … dedicat … Joh: Leonhardus Eysler … Joh: Christoph Weigel excudit, H. Bölmann. fecit.


Title page for an art publication financed or supported by Christoph Gottlieb Volckamer von Kirchensittenbach designed by Johann Leonard Eisler, engraved by Hieronymus Böllmann and published by Johann Christoph Weigel. The image is approximately 20 x 15 cm. The original 17 the century print has been cut out and glued onto an 18 the century sheet of paper. The whole is in a spacious passe partout. The print is in fairly good condition, with small damp spots on the top and a small hole on the top.

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Eisler, Johann Leonhard German designer, born 1697, died 1733 Lived and worked in Nuremberg.

Böllmann, Hieronymus German engraver born 1710, died 1730

Johann Christoph Weigel , also known as Christoph Weigel the Elder November 9, 1654 – February 5, 1725), was a German, Engraver, publisher, and art dealer. He was born in the Redwitz, the free imperial city of Eger in Egerland, died in Nuremberg.

Christoph Gottlieb VOLCKAMER V. KIRCHENSITTENBACH Born October 29, 1676 in Nuremberg, died Nov. 30, 1729 in Nuremberg.