Engraving, Porticuum prospectes, by F. Van der Steen, after N. Hoy


Engraving depicting handmade paper, View of the art gallery of the Archduke Leopold Willem. The engraving was made by Francois van der Steen on the basis of a drawing by Nikolaus van Hoy. The engraving was made around 1660. The print is 39 x 26.5 cm, The condition is pretty good. There is a crack after the top right of the engraving. Because the engraving has been folded, there is some loss in the title. The fold has been reinforced in the past and therefore no longer a problem.

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Nikolaas van Hoy, known in Austria as Nikolaus van Hoy. Antwerp, 1631 – died Vienna, 25 June 1679) was a Flemish baroque painter, draftsman and etcher.

He was born in Antwerp. He probably also got his education in Antwerp. He worked in Brussels between 1647 – 1655. Allegedly he also spent some time in Rome. He went to Vienna in 1657, possibly with the Dutch painter Jan van Ossenbeeck whom he would have met in Rome and later accompanied him in Brussels.

Around 1667 he became court painter to Leopold I, the Holy Roman Emperor and the Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria. He held this position until his death in Vienna in 1679.

He was succeeded at court by his son Nickolaus of Hoey the Younger (Antwerp 1660 – Vienna ca. 1710).

Franciscus van der Steen was born in Antwerp in 1625. He was an etcher and engraver. He studied in Antwerp under the engraver Alexander Voet the Elder. It is known that he became active in Antwerp from the year 1643-1644. He is one of many Flemish artists, such as Nikolaus van Hoy and Jan Anton van der Baren, who followed Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, the art-loving governor of the Southern Netherlands, on his return to Vienna in 1656

He died in Vienna on January 20, 1672.