engraving, The fruits of industry & Economy, George Morland


Hand colored engraving in heavy list entitled “The fruits of industry & amp; Economy ”after a painting by George Morland, engraved by William Ward and published on November 1, 1789 in London by Simpson st. Paul Churchyard. The dimensions of the print are 55 x 40 cm, dimensions of the whole 86 x 72 cm

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George Morland was a British painter born in London on June 26, 1763. In his youth, he was forced by his father to copy Dutch and Flemish masters, who then put his father on the market as true masters. Once Morland stood on his own two feet, he developed vision into a great painter in the then naturalistic style. He was known for his eye for detail and his beautiful landscapes. Morland was also famous for its wild lifestyle with large parties and indulgences. Eventually, he fell on the ground and ended up in jail due to debts. George Morland died in Brighton on October 29, 1804.

William Ward was born in 1766 in Great Britain. He is one of the best engraving makers of his time. He was, among other things, purveyor to the Duke of York and the Prince of Wales. He also delivered work to the Royal Academy. William Ward was married to George Morland’s sister, Maria Morland. They had 2 children together. William ward died in 1826.