Engraving, town square by Edmond Morin


Engraving from a French magazine of a 19 de century square by Edmond Morin. The image is 22.5 x 32.5 cm in size and is glued onto a slightly larger (out of date) sheet. The print is cool.

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Edmond Morin , born in Le Havre on March 26, 1824 and died in Sceaux on August 18, 1882, is a French painter, illustrator and engraver. Edmond Morin was a student of Charles Gleyre at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 1851 he spent five years in London, where he worked for The Illustrated London News and joined the engravers William James Linton and his brother Henry Duff, then returned to Paris with the latter, and worked for La Vie Parisienne and Le Monde Illustré, with which he has become a leading illustrator, as well as for a few other magazines such as La Semaine des enfants. He started at the Salon in 1857. He made illustrations of various popular books or luxury editions. Endowed with a remarkable talent as a draftsman, but Nit able to live by painting, he remained disappointed and hurt. His studio was in the Butte Montmartre around 1860.