Frisia occidentalis


Copperengraving hand colored map of Friesland with Westerwold, Westergoe, Oostergoe and Die Seuenwolde and Bildt indicated on it. With the islands Dat Moer Wadt and Den Dullart. The map was made by Gerard Mercator and this version was published in 1609 in Amsterdam. The image is 48.5 x 36.5. paper size: 53 x 41 cm. The map comes in a Passe partout and is in excellent condition.

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Gerardus Mercator (originally Gerard De Kremer or De Cremer; Latin: Gerardus Mercator Rupelmundanus, “Gerard de Kremer van Rupelmonde”) (Rupelmonde, 5 March 1512 – Duisburg, 2 December 1594) was a cartographer, instrument maker and engraver, who was already during life considered the “Ptolemy of his time”. He was the first to apply a correct angle map projection; later named after him mercator projection. Mercator saw himself much more as a scientific cosmographer than as someone who had to earn a living by making and selling maps. His production was limited. He is known for a global pair, five wall maps and an unfinished cosmography. He also introduced the word atlas. This word at the time included all the maps of the cosmos; so, from both the universe and the earth. His products, which Mercator mainly produced in the German Rhine town of Duisburg, had a significant influence on the later commercial map makers in the Netherlands.


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