Gordinne strip no. 181, Een plezierrijsje per rijwiel


Gordinne strip no. 181. A pleasure trip by bicycle. Children’s comic about a bike ride that doesn’t go well. Printed on paper dimensions 40.5 x 27 cm, repaired cracks and a missing top left corner.

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Imageries Gordinne was a family-owned company from Liège that was founded in 1830. Initially they produce all kinds of printed matter, but it becomes interesting when they start publishing short comics. These are so successful that, at the beginning of the 20 th century, there was a Liège school of cartoonists themselves.

Already at the end of the 19th century the first popular images of Gordinne appeared, inspired by the images of Epinal. These editions continue until the end of the 40s. These last remains of an old tradition are one of the primitive forms of modern comics, characterized by an abundant text underneath the images.

At the same time, Gordinne printed comic books as early as the 1930s and collected some famous French authors such as Pynchon and Le Rallic, and the authors of Liège, Albert Fromenteau, Charles Gilbert, Al Peclers, and Gordinne were therefore in competition with the publisher Marcus Dupuis . During the liberation, Gordinne started the publication of the weekly Wrill (with the character of the cartoon Albert Fromenteau) and Captain Sabord, which was part of the real breakthrough of such publications in Belgium such as Bimbo, Jeep, Bravo !, Hello! , Big Heart and The Crusader. The only survivor publications are Spirou and Tintin.

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