Kaart van het Zuidelykste gedeelte van Zuider Amerika


Kaart van het Zuidelykste gedeelte van Zuider Amerika. Met de route van de Centurion van het Eiland van Sinte Katharina tot het Eiland van Juan Fernandes; benevens het Verschil der Lengtens en de Peilingen aan boort van dit Schip waargenomen alsmede de Afwijkingen van deszelfs berekende Cours in het omzeilen van Kaap Hoorn door ‘t geweld der Stroomen veroorzaakt. Beautiful and quite rare map, copper engraving as published in the Dutch edition of; Anson’s Voyage Around the World published by Isaäk Tirion in 1748. The detailed map shows the route of Captain George Anson’s ship the Centurion during its circumnavigation of the world. The map shows the route of Anson’s ships around South America and Cape Horn to the Juan Fernandes Islands, with notes on currents and positions. A decorative compass rose has been placed in the sea area. The top measures 51×48,5  cm. The map is beautifully coloured and is in fair condition. Top left is an old (repaired) tear in the edge. The bottom and right sides have no margin.

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Admiral of the Fleet George Anson, 1st Baron Anson, PC, FRS (23 April 1697 – 6 June 1762) was a Royal Navy officer, politician and peer. Anson served as a junior officer during the War of the Spanish Succession and then saw active service against Spain at the Battle of Cape Passaro, off the south tip of Sicily, during the War of the Quadruple Alliance. He then undertook a circumnavigation of the globe during the War of Jenkins’ Ear. Anson commanded the fleet that defeated the French Admiral de la Jonquière at the First Battle of Cape Finisterre in 1747, during the War of the Austrian Succession. Anson went on to be First Lord of the Admiralty during the Seven Years’ War. Among his reforms were the removal of corrupt defence contractors, improved medical care, submitting a revision of the Articles of War to Parliament to tighten discipline throughout the Navy, uniforms for commissioned officers, the transfer of the Marines from Army to Navy authority, and a system for rating ships according to their number of guns.

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