Litho, De val der Sallanche, by Ch. Binger


Lithography made by Ch. Binger, from the book, Alpine roses. Published in Amsterdam, C.L. Brinkman, 1856. The image is 11 x 8.5 cm in size and comes in a passe par tout. The total dimensions are 28 x 24 cm.

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Charles Binger was born in Amsterdam on February 25, 1830. He went to work as a printer in the publishing house of his brothers in 1856, but was also active as a photographer and lithographer. He moved to Haarlem to put his lithography knowledge into practice there and ran various portrait studios with colleagues from Haarlem from the late 50s to 1891. He also had a lithographic printing company.

From 1891 Binger is no longer mentioned as a photographer and in 1896 he handed over the printing company to his son Maurits and the sons of his partner. The activities took place in various studios such as: Zijlstraat 5,759 (Binger & amp; Co.) (1862-1869); Muted Oude Gracht 5 (1872-1876); Oude Gracht 47 [1878]. Charles Binger died in Amsterdam on December 12, 1916.