Lithography, The Ice skate rink on the Maas, by G.J. Bos


Litho, The skating rink on the Maas, by G.J. Bos. The print shows the skaters seen from the stronghold, originally published in 1855 as the third plate in a book with six plates about the ice entertainment on the Maas in Rotterdam in February 1855. This copy reissued in 1861 for the victims of the flood. The printer was Pieter Willem Marinus Trap and the publisher was van Gogh & Oldenzeel. The dimensions of the image are 23 x 15 cm. The print is in a sturdy passe partout, the dimensions of the whole are 39 x 33 cm


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Gerardus Johannes Bos (Leiden, 9 April 1825 – 13 May 1898) was a Dutch painter, etcher, and lithographer. Bos was born on Breedestraat, district 4 no. 324 in Leiden on 9 April 1825 as the son of watchmaker Christiaan Bos and his wife Johanna Maria Domus. His first marriage was on 11 May 1853 to Anna Margaretha Buys (Leiden, 8 August 1824 – 30 November 1885). His second marriage was on July 6, 1887 to Agatha Jacoba Bos (Leiden, January 22, 1838 – March 2, 1920). He lived at the Rapenburg. Bos was a student of Hendrik Langelaan (Leiden, 1799 – London, 1879) and J.L. Cornet and specialized in painting landscapes and animals. He was best known for his illustrations for children’s books. Among his other illustrations were those for the two-part album De Stad Leiden (1859-1860), for which A. Montagne (Jz.) Wrote the lyrics. Together with his brother Christiaan Bos (Leiden, December 6, 1835 – Oegstgeest, September 12, 1918) he also ran a lithographic printing company. Jan Elias Kikkert was a student and later employee of Bos. Floris Verster was also his pupil in the seventies of the 19th century. Bos held many social functions. He was director of the Leiden Painting and Drawing Academy Ars Aemula Naturae, director of the Mathesis Scientiarum Genitrix Society, deacon of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, and raining of the Evangelical Orphanage and Old Man’s Home.


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