Map of the municapality of Neuzen


Lithographic map of the municipality of Neuzen from the Municipal Atlas of the Netherlands by Kuiper. The map was made in 1867 and appeared in the Municipal Atlas in 1871. The image is 18 x 15 cm, the leaves are 24 5 x 19.5 cm. The plate is in good condition.

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Rinse Willem Hugo Suringar (Leeuwarden, December 7, 1834 – Wageningen, January 20, 1911) was a Dutch publisher based in Leeuwarden. He was known for publications such as the Municipal Atlas of the Netherlands from 1871, which is now in the public domain. He also published publications written by his brother botanist W.F.R. Suringar. An example of this is the eighth edition of Zakflora in 1895: Manual for determining the plants growing wild in the Netherlands.


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