Notebook Joseph Tourmentin


Leather bound notebook in octavo format, gold on cut and with lock (complete with key) This notebook was a gift by Simon de la Rupelle on 7 April 1878 to Henry Stanislas Athanase, better known as Joseph Tourmentin. The booklet contains 37 pages of song lyrics and stories in french that Tourmentin wrote in the last 2 years of his life. extra, the funeral card of Joseph Tourmentin.

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Tourmentin, whose real name is Henry-Stanislas-Athanase Joseph, was born on November 5, 1850 in Champdeniers and died on November 27, 1931 in Sainte-Pezenne. He was a French religious and anti-Masonic author. He was ordained a priest in the diocese of Poitiers, Henry Joseph successively became a professor in Arcachon, then a journalist in Paris. Under the pseudonym J. Tourmentin (with reference to the tormentine, a storm jib), he specializes in anti-Maconism. He also uses other pseudonyms (Josepff, Misaine, Joseph de Villemont). In 1897, he was one of the founders of the Antimaçonnique Committee of Paris, which in 1904 took the name of the Antimaçonnique de France Association (sometimes erroneously called “Ligue antimaçonnique de France”), of which he was the general secretary and in which he leads the Bulletin. After 1924 he retired to the region where he was born, the Deux-Sèvres, where he died in 1931. In his book The La Girouette macononnique, Tourmentin accused Freemasonry of servitude and incoherence by presenting it as subject to all successive political regimes that France has known. He also condemns the murder of the King of Portugal, Charles I, as a Masonic conspiracy.


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