portrait Don Giovanni


Engraving, portrait of Don Giovanni D’Austria, by Cornelis Meijssens. The engraving was made in the 17th century, the image is 19 x 15 cm, the sheet is 5 x 18 cm. The sheet is glued on a larger sheet of laid paper with old notes on the back.

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Cornelis Meijssens, print artist. Born: 1640, Antwerp where he worked in 1660 – 61 as a wine master (son of a Master) in the St. Lukas guild. From 1673 he lived in the Barlotti house on the Stubenthor in Vienna, his children and wife died here. He remarried in Vienna on 28 February 1677 to Catharina Westhausin from Westfalen


Don Giovanni D’Austria (John of Austria) (24 February 1547 – 1 October 1578) was an illegitimate son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. He became a military leader in the service of his half-brother, King Philip II of Spain, and is best known for his role as the admiral of the Holy Alliance fleet at the Battle of Lepanto


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