Portrait of Gerard Dou by Aert Schouman after Gerard Dou


Mezzotint, portrait of Gerard Dou smoking in the window of his studio by Aert Schouman after a self-portrait of Gerard Dou. The image is 22.5 x 18 cm in size and comes in a passe partout. The total dimensions are 44 x 38 m. The print is in excellent condition.

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Aert Schouman or Aart Schouman (4 March 1710 – 5 July 1792) was an 18th-century painter from the Dutch Republic. Schouman was born in Dordrecht. When 15 years old he served as apprentice to the Dordrecht artist Adriaan van der Burg, along with Cornelis Greenwood, the son of his teacher for glass etching, Frans Greenwood. Schouman was unusual among painters in that he kept a detailed diary of his professional life from 16 October 1733 to 16 November 1753. He took on his first art pupil in 1733 and continued teaching for the rest of his life. From 1742 until 1792 he was headman of the Dordrecht Guild of St. Luke, and in 1751 he became regent of the Hague drawing school associated with the Confrerie Pictura of The Hague. In 1736 he founded the “Brotherhood” of the Confrerie in The Hague, a fraternity of amateur art lovers from Dordrecht and environs, of which he was headman during the years 1752–1762. Schouman was a leading artist in Zeeland between 1735 and 1785. During that period he lived and worked in Dordrecht, The Hague and Middelburg and taught pupils in Dordrecht and The Hague. He travelled to England twice and assembled an important collection of paintings. He was a prolific and versatile Dutch painter, glass engraver, printmaker, collector and dealer, who produced still lifes, biblical and mythological themes, natural history studies, genre, historical and topographical works, portraits, sketches, etchings and mezzotints. He designed tapestries, painted wall-hangings and decorated objects such as fans, snuffboxes and even the glass windows of a magic lantern. His pupils were Wouter Dam, Jabes Heenck, Dirk Kuipers, Pieter Willem van Megen, Nicolaes Muys, Jan van Os Joris Ponse, Martinus Schouman (his grandnephew), Jan Willem Snoek, Rutger Moens Taats, Wouter Uiterlimmige, Wilhelmus Vincentius, Jacobus Vonck, and Daniël Vrijdag. He died in The Hague, aged 82.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aert_Schouman

Gerrit Dou, also known as Gerard Dou, (Leiden, 7 April 1613 – Begr., 9 February 1675), was a Dutch painter. Dou, born and deceased in Leiden, was initially apprenticed to his father, Douwe Jansz. who was a glass painter. He then studied for two years with the glass painter Pieter Kouwenhorn. At the age of fourteen he studied for three years as a (first) student of Rembrandt, who at the time had a studio with his friend Jan Lievens. In 1632 he established himself as an independent painter in Leiden and quickly gained fame there. Certainly in the beginning, his work showed great influence from Rembrandt, in such a way that it is sometimes difficult to make a distinction. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is in possession of his most important work Portrait of a reading old woman (ca. 1630). From around 1640 he devoted himself to the production of genre paintings, generally painted on a small size (scenes from everyday life). He did this in great detail. Because of that ever greater perfection in the details, he is counted among the ‘fine painters’. His refined technique even led him to manufacture his own brushes. A consequence of his great attention to detail was that his importance as a portrait painter diminished: his customers simply did not have the time to pose so extensively. The scenes were often painted as seen through an arched window, which promoted the intimacy of the scene. This technique has found much imitation. He also perfected the light / dark effects (chiaroscuro) by producing night pieces with candlelight, for which he carried out an extraordinary amount of preliminary study. He is also known as Gerard Dou, a French version of his name that he used at the end of his career. Dou produced more than 200, generally small, works that are scattered throughout museums around the world. Thirteen of his works have been included in the Leiden Collection. A publication was published in 2014 as a result of a technical analysis of those paintings.

Source: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerrit_Dou


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