Portrait of Philip of France by Cornelis Meijssens after Adriaan van Bloemen


Engraving, Portrait of Filippo di Francia by Cornelis Meijssens after Adriaan van Bloemen. 17th century engraving, the portrait is 18.5 x 15 cm, the sheet is 25 x 17.5 cm. The sheet is glued on laid paper with old notes on the back.

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Adriaen van Bloemen or Adrian Blum (February 27, 1639 – c. 1697) was a Flemish Baroque painter, printmaker, draughtsman and engraver. Bloemen was born in Antwerp. From 1656 to 1657, he was a pupil of Jan Peeters I. He married in Vienna in 1668. He is known for portraits of mostly Austrian people of Vienna, which were later engraved by various artists who attributed his work as “A. Bloem”.

Cornelis Meijssens, print artist. Born: 1640, Antwerp where he worked in 1660 – 61 as a wine master (son of a Master) in the St. Lukas guild. From 1673 he lived in the Barlotti house on the Stubenthor in Vienna, his children and wife died here. He remarried in Vienna on 28 February 1677 to Catharina Westhausin from Westfalen

Philippe, Duke of Orléans (21 September 1640 – 9 June 1701) was the younger son of Louis XIII of France and his wife, Anne of Austria. His older brother was the famous “Sun King”, Louis XIV. Styled Duke of Anjou from birth, Philippe became Duke of Orléans upon the death of his uncle Gaston in 1660. In 1661, Philippe also received the dukedoms of Valois and Chartres. Following Philippe’s victory in battle in 1671, Louis XIV added the dukedom of Nemours, the marquisates of Coucy and Folembray, and the countships of Dourdan and Romorantin. During the reign of his brother he was known simply as Monsieur, the traditional style at the court of France for the younger brother of the king. Although he was open about his homosexual behaviour and freely acted effeminately, he married twice and fathered several children. He was the founder of the House of Orléans, a cadet branch of the ruling House of Bourbon, and thus the direct ancestor of Louis Philippe I, who ruled France from 1830 until 1848 in the July Monarchy. Through the children of his two marriages, Philippe became an ancestor of most modern-day Roman Catholic royalty, giving him the nickname of “the grandfather of Europe”. He was also military commander at the Battle of Cassel in 1677. Through careful personal administration, Philippe greatly augmented the fortunes of the House of Orléans.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippe_I,_Duke_of_Orl%C3%A9ans


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