Postcard SS Orazio


Postcard in black and white 14.1 x 9 cm slight damage to the corners, with writing on the back.

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The SS Orazia was built in 1927 by order of Navigazione Generale Italiana at the Cantieri Ed Officine Meridionali, Società Italiana Per Costruzioni Navali & amp; Meccaniche, Baia, Baia. The ship was 154.2 meters long, 18.9 better wide and had a draft of 3.78 meters. The displacement was 11691 tone and the ship had a speed of 14 knots (26 km / h). The Orazia was operating on the Genoa South America route. On January 21, 1940, during a voyage from Genoa to Barcelona, ​​the ship was detained by the French authorities (Italy was still neutral) and some German citizens were taken off board. On the night of January 21-22, a fire broke out in the engine room and quickly spread through the ship, the Orazio sank that same night. Because of the Mistral the weather was too bad for other ships in the area to save all passengers, and 106 of the 645 people did not survive the disaster