Prayer card with the image of Saint Leduinus

Prayer card with the image of Saint Leduinus, for Mrs. Henrietta Petronella van Oosthuijse, housewife of the well-born Mr. Jacobus Josephus van Rijckevorsel. About members December 6, 1829. The card is 10 x 7.5 cm in good condition.


Jacobus Josephus baron van Rijckevorsel, lord of Rijsenburg (‘s-Hertogenbosch, 8 February 1785 – Ubbergen, 10 April 1862) was a Dutch trader and director. He was also an amateur draftsman, lithographer and glass painter. He was a member of the Van Rijckevorsel family and a son of Thomas Cornelis van Rijckevorsel (1751-1818), wine buyer and driver, and of Anna Petronella Vermeulen (1760-1792). Van Rijckevorsel was named Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion (1824). He was raised in the Dutch nobility in 1831 and in 1842 he was given the title of baron at first birth. He married Catharina Valentina van der Kun (1792-1813) and after her death with Hendrika Petronella Veronica van Oosthuyse, lady of Rijsenburg (1793-1829). He founded the Staelduinse Bos on a site in the Kapittelduinen on a site that was bought by his father-in-law Van Oosthuyse. Van Rijckevorsel was a trader, member of the council in Rotterdam and from 1840 to 1845 member of the Provincial States of South Holland. He is also mentioned, probably wrongly, as a member of the House of Representatives. He was interested in architecture and developed as an amateur artist. He made lithographs, drawings and glass paintings. He taught his sons Augustine and Joannes van Rijckevorsel. In 1839 and 1841 he exhibited together with his son Joannes at an exhibition of Living Masters in The Hague. A stained glass window that Van Rijckevorsel made was preserved at Heeswijk Castle. He exhibited it in 1839 in The Hague. The dessus de porte shows a seated angel, with the ancestral family arms of Andreas baron van den Bogaerde of Terbrugge, governor of North Brabant, and his wife in a pointed arch. He had the sculptor design a tomb of the Van Rijckevorsel family, which was placed in 1859 behind the Sint-Petrus’ Bandenkerk founded by his in-laws in Rijsenburg. Van Rijckevorsel died three years later, at the age of 77.


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