Prospect des so genannten kleinen Ringl, in der Königl. Alten Stadt Prag


Prospect des so genannten kleinen Ringl, in der Königl. Alten Stadt Prag. Optical print, copper engraving on laid paper with historical watercolor accents by Johann Christoph Nabholz after the original by Jan Josef Dietzler. Approx. 1780, published by: Academie Imperiale d Empire des Arts liberaux, Augsburg. The top measures 43×30 cm. The image measures 41×27 cm. Traffic is in good condition.

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Jan Josef Dietzler, Johann Joseph Dietzler, also Johann Joseph Carl Ditzler (1694 Prague – April 16, 1744, Prague) was a Prague painter, draftsman and cartographer from the high and late Baroque. Little is known about his life. He worked as a surveyor, that is, a technical draftsman, at the Land Boards in Prague Castle. He also traveled to Bohemia to lead projects. He devoted himself to painting and drawing, drawing plans and views of cities and their parts, architecture and landscape painting. In the years 1720-1743 he carried out systematic and technically perfect drawing documentation of the area of ​​Prague Castle and the Lesser Town, often from unusual positions on the roofs of houses or in towers. It is particularly valuable because it documents the state before and during the destruction of buildings by the French and Saxon occupying armies in 1741-1742, and also before the Prussian bombardment of 1757. He also drew architectural designs for festive occasions and for various arts and crafts, e.g. for the coronations of Czech kings and queens in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle.


Johann Christoph Nabholz, also known as Iwan Nabholz, born 1752 and died in St. Petersburg in 1796. Nabholz worked as an engraver in Augsburg and later in St. Petersburg.