The Jessica, 8 tons, J.A. Clarke ESQ.


Lithograph of The Jessica, 8 tons, J.A. Clarke ESQ. This engraving appeared in Hunts Yachting Magazine in May 1854. The drawing was done by R. Parry, the lithography was done by Hunt. The image is approximately 19×13 cm (including title). The print is in good condition and comes in a beautiful passe-partout. The overall dimensions are 542×35 cm.

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Hunt & Co., started as a firm of commercial printers (letter-press copper-plate and lithographic), and commenced publishing their Hunt’s Universal Yacht List in 1848. The List was issued annually in May or June and contained the names of all yachts belonging to the Royal and other Clubs of the United Kingdom, with their rigs, tonnage, owners, builders, etc; also list of Club Officers, tide tables, time tables for racing, lights and lighthouses, foreign Clubs etc. In addition, the List included coloured ensigns, burgees and yacht signals. The success of the List must have encouraged them to publish the Yachting Magazine, with the first issue appearing in 1852, priced 1shilling monthly. In later years the Yachting Magazine seems to have had problems, as after 1865 there are a number of announcements requesting more support from subscribers and yacht clubs. The Magazine ceased publication with the last issue being published in 1887.