The linen merchants and manufactures of Ireland by William Hincks


To the very respectable the linen merchants and manufactures of Ireland. The conductors of that great and beneficial staple of our country. From perspective view of the Linen Hall in Dublin with the boxes and bales of linen ready for exportation, the emblems of their industry. Is dedicated by their obedient humble servant Wm Hincks. Engraving by William Hincks, Publish’d as the Act directs, by R. Pollard, Spafields, June 20 1791. Incorporated into the title is a cartouche showing beehives, with text “Industria Opum Parens.”. The Image is 40 x 29,5 cm. excluding titles. The print comes in a passe partout and the overall size is 63 x 58 cm. The print is in good condition, one pinhole in the margin in the upper left-hand corner.

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Waterford-born artist William Hincks (1752-1797) created this print for the linen merchants in the north of Ireland. It is assumed that he spent some time in Ulster, but this has not been documented. He moved to London in 1780 where this print was published in 1791 by R. Pollard of Spafields. The linen industry played an important part in Ireland’s economy, accounting for the occupations of a large proportion of the people of Ulster in the eighteenth century.