Utriusque Frisiorum regionis noviss descriptio


Map of east and west Friesland, copperengraving colored contemporary. Title, Utriusque Frisiorum regionis noviss. Descriptio or East and West Vrieslandt description. The map was made in 1568 by Jacob van Deventer,  and comes from Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, in the Verso a Latin description of Frisia. The dimensions of the image are 51 x 34 cm, the sheet is 53.5 x 54 cm. The map is in good condition, on the right a slight damp spot.

Before Ortelius recorded an independent map of Friesland in 1579, only this combined map – extending from the current Friesland to East Friesland – could be found in the Theatrum. Ortelius was the first to make this compilation of the northern regions. Many imitations would follow, as was the case with so many Ortelius cards. If it was not purely substantive, the layout was repeated without scruples by Johannes van Doetecum, Petrus Kaerius and afterwards by various others.

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