Zara schooner, 313 tons


Lithograph of the Zara schooner, 313 tons. The drawing was done by A.W. Fowles, the lithography was done by Waterlow & Sons. The image is approximately 19×13 cm (including title). The print is in good condition and comes in a beautiful passe-partout. The overall dimensions are 542×35 cm.

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Waterlow and Sons Limited was a major worldwide engraver of currency, postage stamps, stocks and bond certificates based in London, Watford and Dunstable in England. The company, founded as Waterlow and Sons originated from the business of James Waterlow, who began producing lithographic copies of legal documents at Birchin Lane in London in 1810. The company gradually grew; it began printing stamps in 1852, and Waterlow’s sons Alfred, Walter, Sydney and Albert joined the business. James Waterlow died in 1876, and the company became a limited-liability company. In 1877, due to a family dispute, the company split, and Alfred and his sons formed Waterlow Bros. & Layton. The two companies later reunited in 1920.